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import torch
import numpy as np
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from sklearn.metrics import precision_recall_fscore_support

[docs]class Metric(metaclass=ABCMeta): @abstractmethod def __init__(self): pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def reset(self): """ Resets the metric to to it's initial state. This is called at the start of each epoch. """ pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def update(self, *args): """ Updates the metric's state using the passed batch output. This is called once for each batch. """ pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def compute(self): """ Computes the metric based on it's accumulated state. This is called at the end of each epoch. :return: the actual quantity of interest """ pass
[docs]class PRMetric(): def __init__(self): """ 暂时调用 sklearn 的方法 """ self.y_true = np.empty(0) self.y_pred = np.empty(0)
[docs] def reset(self): """ 重置为0 """ self.y_true = np.empty(0) self.y_pred = np.empty(0)
[docs] def update(self, y_true: torch.Tensor, y_pred: torch.Tensor): """ 更新tensor,保留值,取消原有梯度 """ y_true = y_true.cpu().detach().numpy() y_pred = y_pred.cpu().detach().numpy() y_pred = np.argmax(y_pred, axis=-1) self.y_true = np.append(self.y_true, y_true) self.y_pred = np.append(self.y_pred, y_pred)
[docs] def compute(self): """ 计算acc,p,r,f1并返回 """ p, r, f1, _ = precision_recall_fscore_support(self.y_true, self.y_pred, average='macro', warn_for=tuple()) _, _, acc, _ = precision_recall_fscore_support(self.y_true, self.y_pred, average='micro', warn_for=tuple()) return acc, p, r, f1